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Homebuyers and pollution - GD Legal

Almost two-thirds of homebuyers avoid high air pollution

According to recent research commissioned by eXp UK, 63% of homebuyers actively avoid areas with high air pollution when looking for a new home. The survey was conducted with over 3,000 UK homebuyers who had purchased their properties in the last six months. The results also show that 67% of respondents are concerned about air pollution in general. The reasons cited for avoiding polluted areas were to secure a better standard of life (31%), general concerns about the health of the planet (23%), protecting personal health (22%), and the health of their children (15%).

Additionally, 30% of homebuyers surveyed moved further away from their desired locations to ensure lower air pollution around their homes. The Head of eXp UK, Adam Day, stated that these findings suggest that people are increasingly choosing to avoid high pollution areas for health reasons, in addition to affordability. The survey also found that 67% of respondents are in favor of schemes such as the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London, and 83% believe that more schemes should be introduced to reduce air pollution across other parts of the UK.

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