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Pet owners – top tips for selling your home!

Love them or loathe them, pets are big business.

According to recent figures from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, some 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. That means there are now more than 17 million pet-owning homes.

Wow! So hiding the litter tray before property viewings may not be quite as crucial as it once was.

Or is it?

The truth is, that despite the national rise in pet appreciation, no one feels quite as strongly about your furry companions as you do – no matter how much of an animal lover they are. So, if you’re a pet owner looking to sell your home, why reduce your potential market? Whilst there’s no longer the demand to banish all trace of pets, you do need to strike a balance, showcasing your home’s best features to appeal to both two and four-legged friends.

Top tips for homeowners with pets

  • Banish bad smells

This is an obvious one, but it is important. Bad smells are hugely off-putting, and the scent of damp dog or cat litter is never going to create a favorable impression.

In advance of viewings, wash pet bedding and blankets, open windows to ventilate and consider using a plug-in air freshener to keep things smelling sweet.

  • Tidy up

Ok, so we’ve established there’s no longer the need to hide the dog basket or banish all the pet toys from sight but it’s still important to make sure things are tidy. Viewers can struggle to see past what’s right in front of them so if there is a trail of animal paraphernalia lying around it’s not going to show things at their best.


  • Check the garden

On the subject of making sure everything is spick and span, don’t forget the garden. No one (and we mean no one!) wants to view a garden which is being used as a toilet – so check and double-check that you’ve picked up all the poop.


  • Emphasise the homely vibes

Animals can help to make a house a home. So if there’s a favourite picture of your cute pet, position it cleverly so that it can be clearly seen, it may even help to draw attention to a desirable feature – such as a window or fireplace.

If you have an attractive dog bed that sits comfortably somewhere, leave it in situ so that potential buyers can see how easily a pet would fit into the home…and non-pet owners will clock the extra space available if it wasn’t there.


  • Good behaviour only

If your pet is extremely well behaved, you could consider leaving it at home for the viewing. But, if they’re likely to jump, bark, scratch at doors – or otherwise cause a disruption – it would be preferable to keep them out of the way.

Keep in mind too, whilst normally kept safely tucked in a cage, smaller animals like rats and mice are less appealing and are usually best placed elsewhere during viewings.


  • Show off

Is your garden the perfect size for the dog? Is there a utility room ideal for storing pet food or housing the cat’s litter tray? And what about your location – is there a park nearby or great walks available from the doorstep? There’s no harm in being upfront with the buyer. Ask if they have any pets and, if they do, paint a picture of how well your home could work for them.


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