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GD Property Solictors new BDM

GD Property Solicitors welcomes Zafirah Issa as the new business development manager and liaison for estate agents.

GD Property Solicitors, a leading name in the property law sector, has taken a significant step forward in expanding its services and partnerships. The firm is delighted to announce the appointment of Zafirah Issa as its new Business Development Manager (BDM) and Liaison for Estate Agents, signalling a strategic move towards enhancing their support for estate agent partners.

Zafirah Issa, a seasoned professional in the property and real estate industry, brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise that will further elevate GD Property Solicitors’ capabilities. As the new BDM and Liaison for Estate Agents, she will be at the forefront of building and nurturing relationships with estate agents, aiming to provide them with even better service.

With this appointment, GD Property Solicitors is making a bold statement about its commitment to meet the evolving needs of the property market. Traditionally known for their online services, the addition of a BDM specialising in estate agents’ relations signifies a shift towards a more comprehensive approach to client support.

Bilal Akram, Managing Director of GD Property Solicitors, expressed his enthusiasm about the appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Zafirah Issa to our team. Her appointment is a strategic move aimed at expanding our reach and enhancing the services we offer to our estate agent partners. Zafirah’s experience and passion for the property industry make her the perfect fit for this role, and we believe that under her guidance, GD Property Solicitors will become an even more valuable resource for our partners.”

Zafirah Issa, commenting on her new role, said, “I am excited to join GD Property Solicitors and take on this new challenge. The property market is constantly evolving, and by strengthening our partnership with estate agents, we aim to offer a more comprehensive and efficient service. I look forward to working with the talented team at GD Property Solicitors and our estate agent partners to create a more seamless and productive experience for our clients.”

This strategic move by GD Property Solicitors marks an exciting milestone in their journey. By embracing the expertise of Zafirah Issa, they are poised to provide enhanced services to their estate agent partners and solidify their position as a trusted name in the property law industry. The future certainly looks bright for GD Property Solicitors and the estate agents they serve.

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