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New Year’s resolutions could help sell your home

This is it. 2022.

Made a promise to sort your life out? Pledged to get organised, de-clutter and try to do your bit for the environment?

It’s going to be a busy year…especially if you’re also hoping to sell your home.

But whilst many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside within a matter of weeks (a whopping 66% fail by February), sticking to them could be the key to bagging a successful sale.

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look…


Selling your home in 2022

Think about your new year commitments in relation to your property, and you could go a long way to making your home more desirable to buyers. And give yourself a motivational boost to stick at them.

Here’s how they could help:


·         A style refresh

If you’ve committed to updating your wardrobe, how about updating your home too?

A new year is the perfect time to step back and view your property with fresh eyes. It’s also a key time for new fashions to emerge.

Take time to research the predictions for this year’s hottest trends and try to inject a little hint of them into your home.

Whilst we’d always warn against making updates that introduce too much personality when you’re trying to sell (it’s not about putting off prospective buyers with your penchant for garish colours), we would recommend making a nod towards the latest styles. Helping your home to be viewed in a more favourable light.


·         De-clutter

When did you last venture up into the attic? Is the cellar too rammed to even get down the stairs? Car never seen the inside of the garage?

It’s a familiar story. Which is why promising to de-clutter your life can be a real boon to your house sale.

Not only will the property feel bigger if there’s less junk stacked up everywhere, it’s also easier for buyers to visualise how they could use the space if it isn’t filled with your belongings.


·         Get organised

Tidy house, tidy mind.

Organising your finances and paperwork will make life much easier when your house sale starts to move. Being able to quickly lay your hands on important documents will help you to avoid unnecessary delays caused by lost house deeds and missing mortgage details.

It will also help you to feel more relaxed. Everyone knows how stressful selling property can be but if you know your important documents, correspondences and finances are properly filed away and organised, you’ve got one less thing to worry about.


·         Go green

This year more than ever there’s a focus on going green and trying to live a more sustainable life. Whether that’s a commitment to recycling more, reducing the amount of meat you eat or reducing energy consumptions – every little helps.

A survey carried out by the Office of National Statistics at the end of 2021, reported that 75% of adults in Great Britain are worried about the impact of climate change. So much so, they are 3 times more likely to make lifestyle changes to address the issue.

This translates to three-quarters of the UK adult population making decisions based on the environmental impact – that’s a lot of potential buyers!

Makes sense then, to consider your home through eco-friendly eyes and to introduce a few eco-friendly changes. Things like solar panels and double glazing, or smart thermostats and lighting, are all great ideas. But if you’d prefer to keep the expense down, little things can make a difference too. Such as creating a nifty area for recycling or fitting a smart meter so energy consumption can be more closely monitored.


·         Get outdoors

A firm favourite at the start of a new year is to promise to move more. To get up off the settee and out into the fresh air – which puts increased focus on gardens and outdoor spaces.

If you’re determined to get fit in 2022, why not channel your energy into sprucing up your back garden? You could challenge yourself with a new project to build a patio area or simply work off a few calories by weeding and getting things in shape ready for spring.

Don’t forget to plant some colour to add interest and make sure outside is looking its best for viewers.


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