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How to make buyers fall in love with your home - GD Legal

How to make buyers fall in love with your home

February is the month for love and, with romance officially in the air, how do you make potential buyers fall for your home over the thousands of others available on the market?

It’s the killer question. And one that our team, here at GD Legal, are here to help answer.


Simple steps to make your home more attractive to buyers

You often hear people talk of getting ‘a feeling’ about a property. A vibe that seemingly speaks to their soul and convinces them that the house in question is destined to be theirs. Whilst this can be true, there are lots of simple things you can do to encourage that connection and make the chances of prospective buyers loving your home, a little more likely…


  • First impressions count

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why the power of kerb appeal shouldn’t be underestimated. The reaction to your property starts from the pavement and taking time to make sure that the outside is looking its best will not only help people to view your home more favourably, but it will also help to entice more people over the threshold in the first place.


  • Clear clutter

Are you a hoarder? Are your surfaces crammed with paperwork, ornaments and knick-knacks? Everything from clearing cluttered mantelpieces to moving an item of furniture into the garage or temporary storage, can help to sell your home. How? Because it prevents things from feeling cramped and gives the illusion of having more room to play with.


  • Clean

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to clean. A neat and tidy home is easier to sell as it is being showcased at its best. It also suggests to buyers that you have looked after the property and it has been well maintained.


  • Fix problems

Why make problems where there are none? If a light bulb has blown, swap it. If a bit of paintwork needs touching up, get your brushes out. Little inexpensive DIY jobs that have all been sitting on the ‘to do’ list are well worth working through, helping to create a more favourable impression of your property rather than suggesting that there may be even bigger issues lurking.


  • Make it less personal

Whilst you might like bright colours and garish prints, others may not. Try toning things down a notch as it’s far easier for buyers to picture themselves living in a space if there are fewer traces of you.


  • Keep things smelling sweet

You probably don’t think your home smells of anything but to an outsider’s nose, there will be all sort of scents to pick up on. Simple tricks like opening windows before a viewing to ensure your property is well ventilated, using air freshener or even brewing up a pot of coffee pre-arrival, can all make your home smell more appealing.


  • Maintain your garden

Outdoor spaces are more important to us than ever before. And, as the effects of the pandemic are still being felt, having an outdoor space to escape to can be a real deal clincher for property sales. Make your garden a selling point by keeping it looking its best – cut the grass, remove weeds, and make sure there’s no debris (such as last year’s Christmas tree!) lying around.


  • Market it right

Buyers can’t fall in love with your home if they haven’t even seen it! So it’s important to check out where your estate agent intends to promote your property. Ask what platforms they use to ensure your house gets as much exposure as possible. It’s also crucial that you’re happy any images they have taken show your property in its best light, as this can be the difference between securing a viewing and being overlooked.


Get in touch with property selling experts

With the help of these handy selling tips, your property will be seducing buyers in no time. Make sure you’re ready by appointing a dedicated property conveyancer from GD Legal.

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