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How your garden could help sell your home

The days are drawing out, temperatures are beginning to rise, and gardens are slowly coming back to life. But this year it’s not just spring we’re looking forward to welcoming in – it’s people too!

Outdoor space and gardens are always a big selling point when it comes to property and generally feature pretty high on house hunters’ wish lists. But it appears that after a year of lockdown restrictions – and the hope of being able to welcome up to 6 people into our gardens from 29 March – buyers are now placing even more value on outdoor space.

With that in mind, how does yours fare?

If you’ve been guilty of neglecting your garden this winter, don’t let it detract from your property. Spring is the perfect time to take action and with a little TLC and the help of few handy hints, you can easily showcase your garden’s potential in a far more favourable light.

Here we take a look at 5 easy garden improvements that could make all the difference to sealing the deal.


5 easy garden improvements

  1. Tidy up – this is the biggy and fortunately, it doesn’t need to cost you anything other than a bit of time and effort. Put away any toys, remove rubbish, prune bushes, pull out weeds and rake everywhere over to remove fallen leaves and debris. If you have a lawn, make sure the grass is cut. It’s also a good idea to edge it too as by trimming back the grass where it has started to grow into other areas of your garden over winter, you’ll create a crisp edge which can really smarten up appearances.


  1. Paint – fence panels, the garden gate, the shed, window frames, you name it, they all take a hit over the harsh winter months. So take a look around outside to assess what might be in need of a repaint. A quick brush over to remove cobwebs and dirt and a fresh coat of colour can really spruce things up.


  1. Create areas – regardless of the size of your outdoor space it’s a good idea to create designated areas. If your patio furniture has been put to one side over winter, wipe it down and set it back out to show an area for relaxing and entertaining. You could create a small fragrant herb garden, a vegetable patch, or section off a grassed area for young children to play. What you do depends on how much room you have to work with but clearly allocating areas can help to make the space appear bigger and highlight its potential.


  1. Add shelter – it may be nearly spring but let’s not forget the fact that this is the UK we’re talking about and, whatever the season, the weather is never guaranteed. For this reason, it’s worth considering creating an outdoor shelter – such as a canopy from the side of the house or a wooden pagoda. By making outdoor space usable all year round, you are effectively adding another room to your property and can massively increase its appeal.


  1. Hide bins – ok so wheelie bins are a reality of owning a property but that doesn’t mean you want to stare at them. If possible, move them out of sight or better yet, create an attractive designated area for them. Somewhere they can be tucked out of view but easily accessed – features like this are sure to be a hit with potential buyers.


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