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Is Christmas a good time to sell your home? - GD Legal

Is Christmas a good time to sell your home?

Christmas – the season of goodwill. But is it the season for buying and selling property?

Turns out, yes, it is! Whilst many people automatically steer away from putting their home on the market during December – believing it will be ignored amongst the distractions of twinkly lights, nativities, and tinsel – in actual fact, figures show that there can be up to a 20% increase in people housing hunting online between Christmas and New Year.

That’s an impressive increase. And, after months of being stuck within the same four walls thanks to the Coivd-19 pandemic, it’s likely that this figure will soar even higher this year as people look to make a fresh start in 2021.


Is there an ideal time to sell your home?

Honestly? There is no ‘perfect’ time. As we’ve all seen this year, the market can be thrown curve balls at any point causing unpredictable lows and highs. No one can truly foresee the twists and turns but, generally, March is regarded as a prime month. With the January blues behind us and the positivity of spring well on the way.

In truth though, the only right time to buy or sell is when it works for you and your personal circumstances. So, if you’re considering putting your house on the market this December, here our experienced property lawyers at GD Legal share just a few of the reason why you shouldn’t wait…


6 reasons why selling your home in December is a great idea


  • Time to look

The Christmas period is one of few points in the calendar when most of the country enjoys some time off. And, once the turkey’s been devoured, research shows that online searches for property soar.


  • Focused house hunters

Not only do people have more time to look over Christmas, they are often more focused house hunters, searching for a specific reason – such as starting a job in the new year or being pushed over the edge by family and needing to move out. As serious buyers, as opposed to casual browsers, the chances of receiving a good offer are high.


  • Ready for change

It’s been a tough year and, after spending unprecedented amounts of time at home, many people have fallen out of love with their property and are looking for somewhere new and exciting.


  • Family feuds

Sad but true, Christmas can be the tipping point for couples on the edge of separation. Family feuds are often exacerbated over the festive period with visiting friends and relatives putting additional strain on relationships. The result? People are driven to finally take action and search for a place of their own.


  • A new year

As we look ahead to a new year, people are motivated and ready for change. January often sees the start of new jobs, which could require a relocation or mean increased income for a property upgrade. But it’s also a time people look for a change of scenery and a new beginning.


  • Stamp duty holiday

Further fuelling the desire to move this December is the looming deadline for the government’s holiday from stamp duty, which ends in March 2021. Anyone considering a move is likely to be spurred on by the incentive not to miss out on this considerable saving.


Get a head start on 2021

By putting your property on the market in December you can maximise on the festive increase of house searches and potential interest in your property.

The next best way to get ahead of the game? Line up your property solicitor.

At GD Property Solicitors, we have a team of highly skilled conveyancing solicitors on hand and ready to assist. By offering a modern and predominantly online service, you can complete and sign important documents and make payments electronically. And our systems allow you to easily keep track of everything at your convenience – without having to put down your tub of Christmas chocs or change out of your stretchy pants to visit our offices!

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