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Moving house in time for Christmas - GD Legal

Looking to move house in time for Christmas?

December is one of the busiest times of the year for conveyancing solicitors outside of spring and now is the time to make sure you get ahead – if you have seen a house you want to buy you may need to instruct us as soon as possible to start getting things in place to meet your deadlines and get the keys before Christmas.

It makes absolute sense to pre-warn your solicitor that you want a pre-Christmas deadline and check that all parties are working towards the same goal. Whilst this agreement is not legally binding until the exchange of contracts is achieved, it can help to have a date which all parties can realistically work towards, advise GD Property Solicitors.

The housing market appears to be holding its momentum but who knows what 2023 will bring with mortgage rates, inflation and the cost of living crisis.

“Communication is key when trying to secure a moving date prior to the festive season. This way, your solicitor will be able to manage your expectations and also the expectations of all parties within the chain,” she added.

What is the difference between an exchange and completion?

To put it simply exchanging contracts legally binds you and the seller to the transaction. This means the Seller legally promises to sell the property to you and vice versa, you legally promise to purchase the property from the Seller. Once the exchange of contracts has taken place, all parties are legally bound by the contract terms.

It is important to note that prior to the exchange of contracts, all parties will need to agree on a completion date which is when the bulk of the money is transferred, and you can then collect the keys to your property.

What happens on house completion day?

The day of completion involves:

The transfer of the purchase monies to the seller

The seller formally handing over the legal documents required to transfer ownership to the buyer

The seller moving out so that the buyer can move in

The property agent (quite often) releasing the keys to the buyer

For a Christmas completion it is also advisable to make sure it is not too close to the bank holiday in case of any last-minute hitches.

Can you move house between Christmas and New Year?

You may want to feel more secure in exchanging before the holiday period and then move into your new home in the New Year – if this is the case, make sure you communicate to all parties involved and check when your solicitors are closed over the holiday period and when they reopen in the New Year.

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