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Moving Stress – Steps to Take to Avoid it

Moving house. Two small words that can make a shiver of dread run down your spine. Largely regarded as one of the most stressful life events – right up there with the death of a loved one and divorce – moving property is definitely not fun.

There are many different reasons why we move, not all of them happy ones. And, yes, the act of moving can be a difficult and anxious time but it’s important to concentrate on the positives. Try to look upon any move as a new beginning, a chance to declutter and start afresh. And, by following a few simple steps, it is possible to make the move itself a smooth and stress-free process.

So where do you start?

  • Pick a date – and try to stick with it but remember that in the current climate you may need to be flexible. People are being asked to self-isolate if they show any symptoms of coronavirus, so you need to make peace with the fact your moving day may slip back. Pre-empting and planning for the worst will prevent you from becoming too frustrated if things don’t go according to plan. And remember to keep essentials that you’re likely to need on a day-to-day basis to hand so that you don’t need to start searching through boxes again.
  • Hire a professional removal team – ok, so this will obviously cost you more than doing the move yourself, but they are the pros and the time and trouble they can save you shouldn’t be underestimated. A good removal team will take the stress – and backache – out of moving day, leaving you to concentrate on unpacking and making yourself at home.
  • Lists, lists and more lists – the key to staying calm with your move is being organised. Write yourself clear, concise lists detailing exactly what needs to be done and when. By writing things down it will help to clear your thoughts and ensure matters don’t get forgotten.
  • Declutter and pack smart – start packing early. By giving yourself plenty of time you can really think about things and use the opportunity to have a sort out – there’s no point in packing unwanted items! It’s important to label boxes clearly. Write on the room where it will need to go – lounge, bedroom, kitchen etc – and then it’s a good idea to have an additional coding system in place too. For example, you could have boxes marked with 1 as items that will be needed in the first few days. Boxes with a 2, items needed in the first month. And a box with a 3 on it, items you don’t really need but are part of your home – such as old books and photo albums. If you get to a box 4 you might need to work on your decluttering a bit more!
  • Do your admin – notify the utilities, set up a redirect on your mail, tick these items off your list as soon as possible so you’ve one less thing to think about. And don’t forget to register for a new doctor and dentist – and let the old ones know you’re leaving the area.
  • Create a moving day survival kit – a selection of basic tools, soap and loo roll, kettle (with tea bags, milk and biccies of course!), your phone charger, cleaning equipment and bin bags. Just a few of the essentials to have at the ready that will make for a more relaxed moving in day.

So that’s the move planned, but whilst all this is going on you need to know that the legalities themselves are being dealt with professionally on your behalf. And that’s where we come. Here at GD Property Solicitors, our expert conveyancing solicitors we will be by your side every step of the way. And once you’ve instructed us to work on your behalf, you’ll receive constant updates without having to chase. Giving you more time to sort your packing out!

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