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Christmas wish list

Christmas Wish List – UK Homebuyers 2023

Upsizing trends and style preferences

When it comes to envisioning their dream homes this Christmas, a survey of 1,098 UK homebuyers commissioned by Yopa has uncovered intriguing insights. A staggering 71% expressed a desire to upsize, emphasising the growing trend of spacious living. On the stylistic front, 45% of respondents leaned towards the allure of new-build homes, while Victorian (20%) and Georgian (14%) style residences also garnered significant interest.

The Allure of a Bigger Kitchen

Delving into the specifics of interior preferences, it’s clear that the heart of the home holds a special place in the hearts of homebuyers. A substantial 28% identified a larger kitchen as their most coveted interior feature, underscoring the role of culinary spaces in modern living.

Outdoor Oasis and Hosting Haven

Beyond the confines of four walls, the survey highlighted the importance of outdoor spaces. Nineteen percent of respondents expressed a desire for more outdoor space, signalling a need for gardens, patios, or balconies. Additionally, the wish for more space to host friends and family resonated with 15% of participants, reflecting the social aspect of homeownership.

Location Matters: From Rural Retreats to Urban Amenities

Turning our attention to location preferences, 30% of homebuyers aspired to reside in a tranquil rural setting. Meanwhile, 19% sought more green space in general, emphasising a connection with nature. Infrastructure improvements and reduced traffic were prioritized by 12%, while 11% coveted social amenities like bars and restaurants.

Seeking Climate and Safety

In a nod to broader environmental considerations, 41% of homebuyers expressed a desire to move to warmer locales. Simultaneously, 22% wished for a home in an area with a lower crime rate or less air pollution, illustrating a growing awareness of climate and safety concerns in the decision-making process.

Insights from Yopa’s CEO

Verona Frankish, CEO of Yopa, reflected on the findings, noting that the pandemic’s impact persists in shaping homebuyers’ priorities. Frankish highlighted the enduring significance of both indoor and outdoor spaces, emphasising the need for balance in property purchasing decisions.

In a whimsical touch, Frankish remarked on the challenges of fulfilling these Christmas wishes, suggesting that even Santa himself might find it a tall order. However, with a current abundance of housing stock on the market, buyers are presented with a range of options. Frankish advised prospective buyers to prioritise property features and be open to compromise as they navigate the market.

Q&A: Navigating the Homebuying Wishlist

Q1: How are the preferences of homebuyers shifting, as indicated by the survey?

The survey indicates a prevailing trend towards upsizing, with 71% of respondents expressing a desire for larger homes. Additionally, the appeal of new-build homes and a preference for specific architectural styles showcase the evolving tastes of homebuyers.

Q2: What role does outdoor space play in the priorities of homebuyers?

Outdoor space holds significant importance for homebuyers, with 19% expressing a desire for more outdoor areas. This aligns with the broader trend of valuing properties that offer a connection to nature and the ability to host gatherings outdoors.

Q3: How can homebuyers navigate the current market dynamics, considering the diverse preferences revealed in the survey?

Verona Frankish, CEO of Yopa, suggests that prospective buyers prioritise their preferences and be open to compromise. With a variety of housing options available on the market, buyers have the opportunity to find a home that aligns with their most crucial criteria.

Discover Your Dream Home This Christmas

Unveiling the diverse and evolving wishlist of UK homebuyers provides valuable insights for both buyers and industry professionals. As the market continues to offer a plethora of choices, understanding these preferences can guide individuals towards making informed decisions.

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