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Why now could be the right time to move

Good time, bad time?

There’s much speculation about when is the ideal time to buy and sell property – different months of the year, market changes and financial incentives all having a bearing. Truth is, market and seasonal fluctuations are only part of the picture. All kinds of personal factors can influence the decision too.

Think your head should rule your heart? Not always. Here the team at GD Legal Property Solicitors, take a closer look at why, when it comes to pinpointing the right time to move, you need to consider all aspects.


Personal reasons that could impact your decision


·         Family

When it comes to personal factors, this is the biggie.

Whether you want to be closer to ageing relatives, have started a family and need a support network nearby (and babysitters on hand) or an expanding brood means you’ve outgrown your current home, there are many ways family needs can impact your decision to move.

And moving doesn’t always have to mean getting closer. It works both ways. If having relatives on the doorstep is proving overbearing, perhaps it’s time to put some distance between you? Or maybe you’re still living at home and desperate to get out from under your parents’ roof and take that first step onto the property ladder? Whatever the reason, family is a serious influencer in the decision to move.


·         A new relationship

Found somebody new or marriage broken down? Relationship changes often instigate new living arrangements and could mean it’s time for you to sell up and move on.


·         More time at home

Killer commute? If the journey into the office is adding crazy amounts of time to the beginning and end of your day, it could be time to take a reality check. Just how many hours are you wasting stuck in traffic jams, freezing on platforms or waiting for a bus?

The average commute time in the UK is around 62 minutes a day (many are much longer). That’s over 5 hrs a week – nearly an additional working day, just on getting there! Precious time that could be better spent elsewhere if you lived a bit closer to the office.


·         Schools

Kids growing up? Is it time to start thinking about the local schools available?

All schools have to follow admission criteria to allocate places, with priority given to children who live nearby. Distance is calculated ‘as the crow flies’. So, if you’re keen to enrol the kids in a particular school, you may need to consider your postcode first.


·         Job opportunity

Sellers’ market, buyers’ market, if you’ve got a new job that requires relocating then it makes no difference. The time to move is now.


·         Space

Are things starting to feel a bit cosy? Whether it’s more bedrooms, larger living space or better storage, if your home is starting to feel like it’s fit to burst, then now is the time to move on.

Likewise, if the family have flown the nest, it might be time to downsize. Why spend time cleaning all those rooms you no longer have a need for?


·         Pets

So, you’ve got a dog – who hasn’t? The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of dog owners, but it’s not just canines. Cats, rabbits, goldfish, the list goes on – and they all need space. From kennels and hutches to cages and tanks, pets and their associated paraphernalia all take up space.


·         Health

Home should be a sanctuary. Sadly though, it’s often anything but.

Housing problems can severely affect mental health – whether it’s worrying over rent or mortgage repayments, anxiety over safety, or lack of sleep from a noisy neighbourhood, mental health charity Mind, reports that housing and mental health are often linked.

And it’s not just mental health that’s affected, physical health can suffer too. Perhaps your property has problems with damp, or is located in an area with notoriously poor air quality, both of which can affect asthma sufferers and compound many other health conditions.


·         Last chance

Property prices climbing out of your reach, the swish new development you’ve got your eye on nearly all sold or entering retirement and thinking if you don’t move now, you never will.

Don’t dawdle for too long as the chance to move may pass you by.


One decision made easy

Whatever your motivation to move, it’s rarely a straightforward decision.

One choice that is easy though – picking the right conveyancer.

At GD Property Solicitors, we offer an unrivalled service to support you along every step of your journey to buy and sell property.

We understand that moving house can be hard enough, which is why we aim to take as much stress out of the process as possible. Access your free instant quote now or to find out more about the services we offer, and how we could help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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