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6 ideas to help reluctant gardeners sell their home - GD Legal

6 ideas to help reluctant gardeners sell their home

Not the green-fingered sort?

Fed up with the hard work of keeping your garden straight for prospective buyers? Or worse still, have you given up and now it’s starting to resemble a jungle out there?

We hear you! And the good news is, you’re not on your own.

Whilst few people would say no to more space and an attractive looking outside area, not everyone is searching for a lawn of Wimbledon-esque perfection or borders befitting the Royal Horticultural Society.

Many people just want to keep it simple.

In fact, some buyers may even be put off by a garden that looks overly imposing and likely to require a huge amount of upkeep. So it’s good to know there are plenty of hassle-free ways to achieve a stylish garden that won’t negatively impact the value – or popularity – of your property.


No-mow (or low-mow!) options

The first issue with grass is that not everyone owns a lawnmower. For first-time buyers, or people taking the next step on the property ladder, it’s an expense they may be loathed to incur. And that’s all before you even start on the humbug of actually mowing! So why not consider a few of these alternatives instead?


#1 – Go wild

Garden already running wild? Harness the look by establishing a wildflower meadow.  Not only is this the naturally artistic and environmentally friendly way (wildlife will love it!) to let your garden run free but it looks great too.

Scatter seeds yourself or buy a specialist turf which, once laid, will look after itself, bursting into colour with wild blooms every year – no mowing required.


#2 – All bark and no bite

Often used in borders or for children’s play areas, bark chippings are an easy, low maintenance alternative to grass, and we can’t think of any reason not to get more liberal with them.

Use as a complete lawn replacement for a natural-looking grass alternative.


#3 – Clean slate

A great lawn substitute and fabulous way to inject colour and interest into a garden space, slate gives a clean modern finish.

Alternatively, gravel is another stone favourite. Perfect for preventing weeds and creating a laid-back look.


#4 – Fabulous faux

The hottest trend in gardens over recent years is, without a doubt, artificial grass.

In May this year, Google reported a 185% rise in searches for ‘artificial grass’ compared to the same period the year before, suggesting a huge surge in popularity.

Mimicking the appearance of grass, with none of the faff. There’s no weekly mowing,  no watering during summer, and no worrying about bald patches – faux lawns are sure to be a winner with potential buyers.


#5 – Deck it

Easy to fit and relatively low maintenance, decking remains a firm favourite in the garden.

Not only does it look great and offer a year-round usable, mud-free surface, it can also hide all manner of garden issues. Patchy grass, uneven paving, the list goes on – simply deck straight over for a great looking garden with minimal fuss.


#6 – Slow grow

Still unsure you want to move away from grass?

If you’re reluctant to make the leap to an artificial lawn or to try out one of the other options outlined above, then how about going for a low maintenance option instead?

Yes, there are lawns that grow at a slower rate than others, who knew?! A turf such as Fescue, grows at a much slower rate compared to the more commonly used ryegrass – offering you a great looking lawn whilst reducing the need for mowing. Win-win.


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