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Mistakes to avoid when buying a holiday home - GD Legal

Mistakes to avoid when buying a holiday home

Buying a holiday home? Read this first.

Whether it’s a home-from-home bolthole for weekend escapes, a place to spend the summer with family, or a way to level out your work/life balance now you’re spending less time in the office, there are many reasons why investing in a second home is a good idea.

But if the plan is to add to life’s pleasures, the last thing you want is for your second home to become a headache, adding to your list of worries and draining you of time and money.

To help, the legal experts at GD Property Solicitors, have pulled together a few of the basics you need to think about in order to avoid some of the most common mistakes made when buying a holiday home.


Why are you buying?

Is this a place just for you or for the whole family to congregate? Do you want to escape from everything and everyone, or do you prefer to be surrounded by people and amenities?

Finding the right property will depend greatly on how – and who – you intend to use it. And it’s important to be clear on this before you take the plunge.

Size and location are key considerations. A large cottage for all the family at the other end of the country is unlikely to be practical for short weekend breaks, which means you’ll need to invest in enhanced security to cover the long periods of time when the property is left unoccupied. Renting out the property for part of the year is something else worth consideration.

Cabins and static caravans can make a great second home but it’s unlikely they’ll be suitable for big family get-togethers. They can, however, prove to be a financially savvy move. Stamp duty isn’t charged, and you’ll benefit from the security of being in a park community.


Don’t forget the extras

You’ve decided what you want from a holiday home, and worked out your budget, but have you factored all the extras into your costings?

In most cases, you’ll need to furnish your new property. Yes, this is a one-time outlay but it is a substantial one, and it’s an expense that is frequently forgotten about in the excitement of finding a new base.

Add to this the energy bills, security costs, and general upkeep and you’ve a pretty hefty list of ‘added extras’ that need to be budgeted for.

If you do opt for the popular caravan or cabin option, be mindful of pitch fees, ground rent, and service or maintenance charges, which are all likely to be annual.


Make it legal

As with the sale or purchase of any property, when buying a second home, legal obligations must be met. Complications can – and do – frequently crop up, so it’s essential to appoint the help of a trusted conveyancer.

Depending on the type and location of your property there can be complicated legal nuances, so you need an experienced professional who will ensure everything is fully taken care of.

And don’t forget, your decision on whether to rent out the property will have an influence on things too. Affecting not only the type of mortgage you can apply for but also the insurance you require.


Make it easy

When it comes to buying a holiday home there’s much to think about. And that’s where we come in. With an unrivalled reputation for taking the headache out of buying and selling property, wherever you’re looking to buy a second home, choose GD Legal to be by your side.

Neither you, nor your property, need to be based in the local area to benefit from our exceptional services. So whether you’re looking for city highlife, a seaside sanctuary or a rural retreat, we can help you to navigate through the wealth of legalities to ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible and that all legal obligations are fully met.

Get in touch with the team by calling 0161 7101786 or email And you could be relaxing in your new holiday home sooner than you think.

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