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A laptop displaying E-conveyancing forms. Geographical proximity becomes irrelevant as online processes redefine legal accessibility

Does the solicitor have to be local?

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In the digital age, the traditional concept of hiring a local solicitor has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the advent of E-conveyancing. Many individuals wonder whether a solicitor must be local for their legal needs. The answer is a resounding no.

Gone are the days when legal processes were confined to physical office visits and in-person meetings. In today’s fast-paced world, E-conveyancing has revolutionised the legal landscape, making it more accessible and convenient for clients. From the comfort of your home, you can initiate the process by accessing your welcome pack, protocol forms, and fixture fittings online.

One of the remarkable aspects of E-conveyancing is its ability to streamline the entire procedure, eliminating the need for constant face-to-face interactions. Clients can efficiently handle the necessary paperwork and documentation electronically, saving both time and effort.

The only exception to the online rule is the submission of certain documents required to move forward in the conveyancing process. While most interactions are conducted digitally, a few essential documents may need to be sent via traditional mail. This ensures a seamless progression of the process while maintaining the integrity and legality of the documentation.

In conclusion, the geographical proximity of your solicitor is no longer a determining factor in choosing legal representation. With E-conveyancing, the legal landscape has evolved to prioritise efficiency and accessibility. Embracing this modern approach allows clients to enjoy the benefits of a streamlined, online legal process without sacrificing the necessary elements that demand a physical presence.

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