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How to get your offer accepted

After months of searching, you’ve finally found the one.

You’ve got your deposit saved, a provisional mortgage lined up, and now it’s time to make an offer.

But where do you pitch it?

Go in too low and you run the risk of losing out. Too high and it might be too much of a strain on your finances.

So how do you play it? And how do you make sure your dream home doesn’t slip through your fingers?

Here at GD Legal Property Solicitors, we’ve put together a few cunning ways to help you seal the deal and get your offer accepted.


  • Do your research

The key is to make a sensible offer. Whilst negotiating is part and parcel of house buying, going in with a cheeky bid can aggravate the seller. It can also paint you as a timewaster.

If you’re serious about getting your offer accepted, do your homework on the area. Check out what other similar properties have gone for and base your price on that figure.


  • Have everything in place

To be taken seriously, you need to be able to evidence that you have the funds available to make the purchase. A ‘mortgage agreement in principle’ will show that you’re in a position to buy.

Worth noting too, that it’s a legal requirement for estate agents to check you are who you say you are. So don’t be surprised if you’re asked to show some form of ID (passport, driving licence etc) and have these at the ready.


  • Play on your position

Are you a first-time buyer? Has your property already sold?

These factors can massively work to your advantage, making you more attractive to the seller. So, if your position is favourable, be sure to make that clear when putting in an offer.


  • Act quickly

If you like a property, act quickly. Being the first one to view and establish a rapport with the seller, is a great way to be ahead of the game.

Once you’ve viewed the home, don’t waste time before making your next move. And if you intend to put in an offer, do so swiftly. This shows the buyer you liked what you saw, and your intentions are genuine.


  • Protect your offer

If your heart is set on a particular property, being gazumped can be devastating. But there are ways to help avoid it happening.

Make taking the property off the market part of the deal. Don’t worry that this might make you seem pushy or awkward, on the contrary, it evidences your commitment to the sale. And by removing the property from listings, the risk of another offer usurping yours, is greatly reduced.


Need a helping hand?

The conveyancing process can be complicated, but it’s crucial to ensure you pay a fair price and have a real understanding of exactly what you’re getting for your money.

At GD Legal Property Solicitors, we can help you to buy property quickly and cost-effectively. Ensuring all the necessary checks, surveys, and local searches are carried out, so you don’t get hit with any nasty surprises further down the line.

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