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How to make your home hot property this winter - GD Legal

How to make your home hot property this winter

Brrr, there’s no escaping the fact that winter is setting in. Which means it’s no good putting up a for sale sign now, right?


Ok so, yes, typically, winter isn’t regarded as a prime time for property sales, but the market is flying. It only takes a quick look at the latest figures released by the Office of National Statistics, to see that house sales are on the increase and show no sign of letting up.

Not only are sales on the rise – prices are too! With the average house selling for £245,000 in October 2020 – a whopping £13,000 higher than in October 2019.

So, whilst there may be a slight seasonal dip as focus shifts to Christmas, now is still a great time to sell your home. Question is, how do you make sure yours is the top of the viewing list?

Property experts at GD Legal reveal some of their best winter tips…


Central heating

Turn up the temperature and you could turn up your home’s appeal.

Think of winter and what springs to mind? Wrapping up warm, woolly pullies, cosy fires? The recurring theme here? Staying warm. So this winter, the key to making your home hot property is to turn up the central heating. There are multiple benefits to this, including:


  • It’s more welcoming

We often hear people describe how they just get the right ‘feel’ from a place. Hard to do that if you’re shivering!


Viewing a cold, property instantly feels unwelcoming, so make your home looks and feels warm and inviting. If there’s no one currently living at the premises, be sure to get there ahead of your prospective buyer and get the heating on to warm things up.


Just remember – hot but not too hot! Make the house uncomfortably warm – and you risk people rushing to get out of there.


  • Proves the system is in good working order

Central heating can be a deal-breaker. The cost and upheaval of fitting central heating or replacing the system can be enough to put many buyers off.


If the property is heated to a comfortable temperature it showcases that the central heating is working efficiently — it’s worth making sure the boiler has been recently serviced too.


Do you have to have the boiler serviced before selling your home?

No, but there are plenty of reasons why it a great idea, not least because it can prevent any aggro further down the line.

If the new owner runs into problems with the heating soon after the property has been sold the issue is theirs, not yours. However, if they feel any misrepresentations have been made about the boiler, they could take action against you. The solution? Have the boiler fully serviced to reassure both them and you.


How else can you encourage a winter property sale?


  • Double glazing

Hugely desirable to prospective buyers, double glazing will not only increase the value and appeal of your home, it will keep it toasty too.

Highly desirable to buyers not only for ensured warmth and comfort and reducing energy bill but also for enhancing security too.


  • Focus on the ambience

Make your home more attractive by ensuring it looks cosy and inviting. Winter spiced candles, soft lamps and seasonally coloured cushions and throws are all easy ways to achieve this.


  • Don’t neglect the garden

Winter is a rough time for gardens, with most looking a bit bleak and barren. But just because it’s dark outside don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can ignore it.

Buyers will still want to check out any outside space so try to show it at it’s best and make sure the area is tidy. With reduced daylight hours, it’s likely many viewings will take place in the dark. A few strategically placed fairy lights will not only illuminate the garden, they will also cast it in a more enchanting glow.


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