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How to Sell Your Home Quickly – 10 Great Tips

Changing jobs and relocating? Fancy being in somewhere new by Christmas? Or simply made the decision to move and don’t want it to drag out long into the new year? Whatever the reason behind selling your home, the sooner it gets sorted the better. But what can you do to make sure things go as smoothly…and quickly…as possible?

Bagging yourself a buyer isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Even in a sellers’ market, you need to do everything you can to tempt a buyer in and showcase your home in its very best light. Fail to do this and your property may not even be viewed, never mind sold!

At GD Property Solicitors we’ve been part of the buying process for many years and help hundreds of clients every month to navigate the process of buying and selling property. Here we’ve pulled together 10 top tips to tempt potential buyers in and help speed up the process of selling your home.


10 top tips to help sell your home

Before you get started – stop and check your mortgage. You can move at any time but be aware that, if you’re still within the existing terms of your mortgage agreement when you move, you will be charged a fee. Check out your mortgage first to prevent the risk of any nasty shocks further down the line. And, if it will cost too much to move right now, sit it out. You can still work through this list and use the time productively to make sure you’re ready to go as soon as the terms end…


  1. Increase your property’s kerb appeal – first impressions count, so make sure that potential buyers aren’t put off before they’ve even entered your home. Move bins out of the way, make sure the front door is in ship shape and if the garden fence is looking tired give it a coat of paint – even something as simple as planting a few brightly coloured bedding plants can really help to entice people in, and get them excited to see more.


  1. Tidy up and declutter – are you a bit of a hoarder? Untidy, cluttered rooms are a sure-fire way to put people off buying. Not only does it look a mess, it also makes rooms appear smaller than they really are. Large overpowering furniture is also a no-no. Consider putting some items in storage for a short period to free up space.


  1. Do some DIY – got a list of maintenance jobs you’ve been meaning to get to? For the best chance of selling, try to get them ticked off. Buyers will be scrutinising your property and even something as basic as a light bulb that needs changing can give a negative impression.


  1. Sort the garden – green-fingered or not, if you want to sell your home get the lawnmower out and smarten up the garden. Outdoor space can be a strong selling point for a property, so don’t neglect it. Tended grass and weed-free borders are all it takes to allow buyers to visualise making the space their own.


  1. Avoid too much personality – the trick here is not to spend too much money as most buyers will want to redecorate and put their own stamp on the property when they move in. To give your home the best chance of selling, it can be worthwhile toning down your personal taste in interiors. For example, if you’re a big fan of dark colours on your walls, consider giving them a quick lick of white instead, not only is this likely to photograph better and make rooms appear larger, it also gives buyers a blank canvas making it easier for them to picture their own belongings in situ.


  1. Think about pets – you might love your furry friends but not everyone will. Keep them well out of the way for viewings and make sure everywhere looks and smells fresh and clean.


  1. Get your property valued – once your property is looking its best, you’re ready to get it valued. Do your research here. Check sold house prices for similar properties in the area to give you a rough indication of what you’re looking at. Be realistic and honest with yourself…overpricing will put buyers off.


  1. Choose the right estate agent – once you have an idea of the value of your home, invite the professionals in. Always ask at least 3 estate agents to value your home to get a true indication of its market value.


  1. Choose the best buyer – if you’re after a speedy sale don’t allow your judgement to be clouded by the highest offer. If that price comes from someone who has yet to sell their own home, a lower offer from a buyer with no chain could prove to be the better choice for you.


  1. Have your conveyancing solicitor lined up – to really speed up the process of selling your home it’s worth lining up a property solicitor straight away. It’s essential to choose a conveyancer you can trust and who comes highly recommended – always check out online reviews. And – to keep things moving – use a firm offering a quick turnaround and convenient online services to achieve the fastest possible completion – something we pride ourselves on here at GD Legal.


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Follow these 10 simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to a quick house sale. And, with a dedicated property conveyancer from GD Legal by your side, once you have a buyer you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to keep the process moving.

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